Monday, January 10

War with Pimples!!!

Well, of course everyone has had one or two pimple on some bad days. But it is only some selected few people who have to forever remain with it.

You look in the mirror only to find a Disgusting Huge Pimple Starin right Back at you!! And that is not even the end of it - first all you can see is a red spot, then you actually hav to wait till it matures to squeeze it out only to find a huge hole in you face rite after that! And if by any chance you missed out one of them, it turns into blackheads which takes ages to cure. So either way you either end up with pimple pores in you face or black dots all over your face which makes you look even more spoted than the little puppies from 101 Dalmatians!

And then The treatment starts. The first step is natural of course -One starts takin better care of one's face, washing it more than five times per day, drinkin plenty of water, avoidin oily food and so on but the pimples are so in love with your skin, they of course, continue to appear. Then comes the step which has literally made hundreds of Companies millionaires Over night - You start usin every product under the sun which reads ' Cures Pimples and stops it from Reappearing'. Clearasil Pimple Treatment, Clean 'N' Clear face wash, Garnier Pure pimple Control Pen, Sherlley, Erytope and the latest one Proactive!! The list just keeps on increasing.

Then of course People start givin you advice. Apply this cream or that product! Or maybe you should try some home-remedies. Believe me i have been suggested all the weird stuffs, from Garlic till Colgate! None of them actually work!

And of course the most common advice that people like throwin out to you when you hav pimples is 'Don't touch your face!' But of course When you face feels like a rough road with potholes all over, Believe me you will touch it as much as i do even just to make sure it is still your face you are touchin or whether some new construction has already started.

But then after a while one starts forgetin what one's faces looked like before it was infested by all these disguisting acnes.....Well, I certainly did. And then it become a Habit - waking up to find a Pimple rite in the middle of your forehead, people starin at you as if you hav horns instead of pimples, continuously touchin you face, learnin never to stand too close to the camera in case it captures your pimples. And then slowly you find it normal when the first thing people ask you on the streets is "OMG Wht happened to your Face?" And you learn to ignore all the suggestions that people giv you instead of goin rite home and tryin it out because it never works.

And then after a while it starts feelin abnormal if you don't find a new pimple on your face when you wake up. And it is actually a lucky day when you wake up to find only a small numbers of pimples on my face instead of the thousands that always appears!

Everyone knows it starts in your teens but When does it actually stop?????