Tuesday, April 26

Romance and love stories

Have you noticed how popular love stories are?Visit any blog and you will find at least one story about love. Read any magazine and there will always be a short story dealing with love. More often than not, love stories always seem to have the upper hand in any situation.Try posting a love story in Facebook or blogging about love,it will have more likes and comments than any other post and in a shorter span of time too.

There is no question that romance is the most popular genre. The fact that Mills and Boon alone releases 30 titles a month goes to show how large the reading audience really is, as opposed to merely 15 titles of other combined genre.Pick up any book from a library and there is more chance of it being a love story than anything else.The stories does not even have to do with the typical love between men and women,there are stories revolving around a mother's love, about love between two friends, brotherly love,love in a family and everything else that can possibly be constituted but it always revolve around the idea of love.

Furthermore, no matter what the story is, there is always a short span of romance in each book.Mysteries novels seem to contain love in the form of mysteries, Thrillers often present love as the main motif behind every crime, horror stories deal with the presence of an unfulfilled dead lover and even an abstract piece seem to have some notions about love. For instance, 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde mostly deals with aestheticism and art but somewhere along the line, there is the love story between Sibyl and Dorian Gray. Hemingway's 'The Sun also Rises' talks about modernism and detachment yet still has room for a love story. Despite themes of love in these small genres, this hardly even begin to encompass the involvement of love in actual romance stories. Any story about a boy and a girl blatantly evolves around the idea of love.Someone writes a story about an old lady and somehow it ends up telling the story about her 'unfinished' love.One starts a story about a Solider at war and it is about missing his beloved lady.Write a vampire story and even that seem to be about how the vampire fell in love with a human.Stories about Russian mobster, drug addicts, a prostitute, students, etc and somehow it always seem to end on the same note - Love.

Every writer seem to be obsessed with love story. They either write about a past love that they have experienced, an ongoing experience or something that has happened to someone else or sometimes even a story that he/she wishes to avoid. A few years ago there was a huge obsession with happy ending.Pick up any book and it always provided you with a happy ending.It didn't matter how many villains were after the couple, it didn't matter whose family objected their union, it didn't matter how impossible their love was, in the end love conquered all and the writer always provided you with the perfect ending.The prefect example - Twlight! Then came the obsession with 'unfinished' love stories. It usually starts with the tale of an old man or woman reciting the story of her youth, of the dashing man she fell in love with, about his leaving for war, about his promise to return and about how she is still waiting for him to return, thus leaving their love story un-ended.The perfect example - Most of Nicholas sparks's books.

I suppose the charm lies in being able to manipulate the story as one wishes. You are the writers, you can do anything you please with the story. The situation you choose will be your own, the predicament you put your characters in will be yours alone, you can choose a happy ending, you can choose an 'unfinished' one, you can damn well kill the lovers if you want.That is the charm, but then this goes for every other story too I suppose.

Love stories, more often than not, provides a platform for people to carry out their fantasies.People often write their own prefect ideals in the protagonist of the story. One can make your 'hero' to be handsome, daunting and charming, employing all the characters that one, oneself find more appealing and creating your own version of perfect guy.The girl will be beautiful, sweet and prefect presenting your own version of the ideal mate. It is always about one's own mind playing out their own ideals of romance and readers love it, falling for the same old ideals of love and chivalry, searching for their own perfect boy/girl in the pages of some story, hoping the love story comes true for them.

They say female readership is mostly associated with romance but if you are a male and reading this, don't tell me you haven't read a love story and liked it. Don't tell me you haven't written one yourself, be it with hatred or with remembrance. Everyone always does it at least once.Of course, one can always write about politics but there will always be someone who won't be interested, you can write about currents affairs and there will be someone who will be least bothered to read it. But that never seem to be the problem with romance. People always seem to stop and read a love story - some because they can relate, some because they want it to happen to them and some merely because they want to feel it - but people always do read.

We seem obsessed with love stories, with romance. Story telling doesn't seem to function without the theme of love. But why? Why are we so obsessed with this idea of love? What is so special about a love story? Most often these love stories are fictional, portraying the desire for a world full of love that we want to live in, so does that mean the real world we live in doesn't contain love? Are we living in a world which is so out of love that the only place we can find love is in the stories? Furthermore, most characters these love story presents are creations of the writer's mind so does that mean the world is full of jerks that the only perfect version one can find in a man is in the books? Are there no girls who actually equate a boy's ideal love? Most people read love story to escape reality so does that mean that the reality we face is not of a world full of love?People say that one only obsesses over things they don't have so if love exists in the real world, doesn't obsessing over something we already have seem redundant? Why create such a fuss over this idea of love?

Thursday, April 14

How does things work around here?

This is going to sound very funny but I still haven't been able to figure out how things works out in my blog. I mean it is my blog and I have been writing here for a few months till date but the moment I need to find a new background for my blog or change the title to a new font, I am completely lost. 

I know where to write and edit parts of my info but that is about the only thing I know what to do here. I am thinking it has been several months so I should  be able to have figured out how to upload and modify the page but no I still don't. I open the pages of all the other blogs I follow and oh my, they are beautiful. Everything is colourful, everyone has pictures and everything looks so bright while the only thing that is bright in my profile seems to be nothing. Everything is black and white.The only reason I kept it black and white before is because I don't know any better. Of course I knew how to upload pictures. If one has a Facebook profile, uploading pictures comes naturally to you so that is why you see so many pictures in most of my posts. I uploaded it because that was the only thing I knew how to do here.Today while I was writing though, I thought I should make some changes and I did. I found a new background, changed the pictures and made my page a bit brighter but that is it. That was all I could figure out how to modify and even that took much too much time for me to be able to figure out.

Then I see facebook account being linked to the blogs and networkblog linked to the pages and other blogs names that are linked to the one you have. And I haven't a single clue how to connect a single one of them! Perhaps it is as obvious as everyone seem to think or perhaps I am just being a blond but please tell me even you had or are still having as much problems figuring out how to make your blog beautiful! For me it is turning out to be much too hard a task to master!

Today I am just so proud of myself for having figured out how to change the pictures, I am uploading this picture which reflects my sentiments so well right now! :)

Wednesday, April 13

The Prince, the Pauper and...the Dark Knight.

Have you ever noticed when we were realy small how we had dreams about who we would fall in love with? How one made a list of all the qualities that we think we want in our future boyfriend? The perfect guy and the long list of endless dos and don't that you think he should be like before falling in love with him.You think you want a person who doesn't smoke or a person who values being a prefect gentleman and all those other qualities that you think he should have that will make you fall for him.You think you know everything you want in that guy - his good behaviour, his bad habits, the way he should live- and as we grow up we bring those lists with us, thinking about eventually falling for a guy exactly like him.

Then one day you find the perfect guy, one who ticks all the right boxes. He will be the kind of guy who will always treat you right, the one who does all the things that you like, has all the qualities that you always appreciated in a boy and will always love you. He will be the most obvious choice, the boy your parents approve, the boy everyone knows will always be nice to you, the boy who is your destiny if you just look at all the long list of qualities that he fulfills from your most wanted list. He will be your perfect match and you will be happy with him. There will be nothing complicated about your relationship. But then you realize somehow you will not be satisfied with just being happy.You won't be happy with him being nice to you, won't be happy despite all the love he showers on you, despite all the qualities he fulfills from your list. You will be happy but you will never feel like you might die with too much happiness. It will always be mediocre, the life you lead with him, the love you have for him, the happiness he showers on you, the hurt he deals you. It will all be mediocre.You will never feel complete with him. So you move on leaving behind the perfect guy you grew up thinking is everything you ever wanted in a boy.

But since this is not the end of the world, you go on searching and dating, waiting for the one guy who will make you feel complete. In every story there is always be a good guy. He will be the kind hearted, easygoing boy who has always been there for you when you need to cry. The kind of boy who was with you through all those heartbreaks you suffered from all the other boys, the one who has patiently tolerated all the other guy while all he wanted to do was shake you and ask you to be with him. So finally you go out with him, thinking there can't possibly be a single thing that you would find lacking since he loves you so much, knowing you will hurt him for life in case you can't fulfill your promise to love him. He is the one guy you know you shouldn't get into a relationship with. Not because he is not the perfect guy who fulfills all the qualities that you deemed so essential for yourself but because you know he is better than all the guys you know, because you know he is your best friend, and because no matter what you do, you know you will never deserve a boy like him. But you get into a relationship anyway and all your fears comes true. It doesn't work out. It doesn't because he knows you so well he knows you are lying when you say you love him even if you haven't realized it yourself, because he knows he is not the person who makes you feel complete and he knows you will never love him the way he always did. He will  know although you try there will always be something missing in the relationship. And he will be the kind of person to let you go because he would want you to find that something that is missing.

So you go searching for that missing part and find it in the one guy you know you shouldn't. The kind of guy who is all kinds of wrong for you. He will be the guy everyone warned you against, the guy you know you should walk away from, the guy no one would wish you to be with. He will be the kind of guy who you know is going to hurt you but you still fall for him anyway. He will be able to shatter your heart in a million pieces if you just so much as allow him or even if you don't. The kind of guy who will make you burst with happiness, the boy who with a single word can take the same sunshine away in the next minute.He will be the one who will thwart all the qualities that you thought you want in a boy and still be at the top of your list. He won't treat you like a princess nor would he be a perfect gentleman. But you won't care that he doesn't fulfill all your desired qualities, you won't care that he is the complete opposite of what you thought you wanted in a guy. You won't care how many protests you edict from the people around you, you would still go and fall for him.He will be the reason why none of the previous or future relationship will work out with anyone else because your heart will whisper that he is the only guy you are ever going to be in love with.And you will know you love him because you will know despite being the most complicated relationship, he would also choose you - over the girl who made him feel like the perfect guy, over the simple girl next door and over all the girls in the world. Because for him you would be the complicated one, the one who can tear his heart apart with a single blow but he would still choose you. So you love him.With all of your heart.You don't readily set out to fall in love with him, in fact if you can help it you don't want to be in love with him at all but in the end he will be the only person your heart will ever want.

So in the end what is the use of all those list that made for a perfect guy? What is the use of making a list when you don't even know what your heart want? What is the use of searching for the perfect guy when in the end, you don't even love him? What is the use of trying it when someone else when you know it is not going to work? But most of all, why in the world would the heart fall for a guy who is all wrong for you?

Thursday, April 7


Do you remember when we first met I did not even know how to cook? Do you remember the day you said you didn't even care if I didn't know? Do you remember how you said my cooking was good even when it was burnt? Now even the best of my cooking feels like ash in your mouth. 

Do you remember all the late night we used to stay up just talking about you and me? Do you remember all the late night movies we watched? Do you remember how all those nights suddenly turned into you walking in with a bottle of rum in your hands? Now I never see you without. 

Do you remember telling me how beautiful I look no matter what I wear? Do you remember kissing my cheeks whenever I was close enough? Do you remember telling me you can't bear to not look at me? Now I don't even exist for you. 

Do you remember the day you told me you loved me? The way you wrote a poem for me and asked me to be with you? Forever? Do you remember the night you said your heart will always belong to me? Now you can't get away from me fast enough. 

Do you remember the day I stopped being the girl you loved? Do you remember the day everything changed? The day you found me with another man? Now all you remember is that day.

Facebook and Stalking

'Hey, Singey just got tagged in his friend's album'

'Does he look good? Lets look at his pictures'.

That is pretty much how my roommate and I spend more of our evening.We stalk.Even just saying so, I know it sounds all kind of creepy but the truth is, we still do it.It starts with a simple update of an status or a picture uploaded on Facebook but once we start, it is just one click after another.

More than usual, it is one of our crushes that we stalk and hardly any girls. If there is a guy we have a crush on in our friend list then there is no bound just how many times we go through his profile in a day. We know everything there is to know about that guy, all his pictures, the tagged ones, his friend list, the whole love triangle that he is trapped into - the girl he loves, the one who loves him, the guy who has a crush on the girl he loves - Every little things that could possibly be deduced from every update from his facebook profile, we already have it memorized.

And we hardly ever miss an update. If he updates a status, we are so quick to interpret what it means, relating it to the already accumulated knowledge we have about him, if he uploads a picture, we are among the first ones to go gaga over the good looking pictures and if by any chance, he changes his relationship status to 'in a relationship' or 'committed' there is no bounds of the 'Awwww, he deserves better' or 'I can't believe he broke up' comments from us. Of course the stalking doesn't stop there, if he is in a relationship,we have to know who the girl is, 'Is she pretty enough?' 'Do you think it is for real?' and on and on. 

It is almost like the re-hash of the gossip mills of high school days, only this time we find out through the person's online profile and through his slip of a comment or update. We don't meant any harm of course, in fact we try hard to maintain the fact that the person never ever finds out.We do it tactfully, no comments on his status if we don't know him personally, no likes on any pictures even if he looks really good and we always chicken out when it comes to chat, 'We don't want the guy to know we have been stalking him now, do we?' -That is always our excuse. But we never realy stop clicking on his profile anyway. 

Facebook gives us a whole new level for stalking. It is just such an interesting way to keep track of everything that has been happening it their life. An old high school crush and we have him in our friend list, an acquaintance we only saw for a couple of time and he is already added, a cute unknown guy and a friend request has already been send. People we know, people we once knew, people we just met, people we have no idea about but if there is something that catches our eye, the next moment he/she is in our friend list and we have browsed through half of his/her album. Call it a girl thing, girls being girls, noisy and inquisitive, I am sure most girls do it, we have just become experts in hiding the fact.